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Innovative UK Company,
you could be eligible for our R&D Tax Referral Program

RSL is looking to expand it’s outreach across the UK to identify and help innovative businesses not currently claiming Research & Development Tax Relief.

Our Partner Referral program is open to anyone who is in the position to refer a business to us, whether you are a previous client or simply an affiliate.

We have paid out over £100,000 in referral payments so far in 2020.

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Become a Referral Partner today, and earn a finders fee on every new client you refer to us.

Once a referral has successfully passed through our process and has had it’s claim approved by HMRC we will work out the value of your referral fee and make direct payment to you.

For every new successful claim we pay the referrer 10% of the fee we received for the claim.

Then for every subsequent year that the the company makes another claim we pay 5% of our total fee.

There is no limit to how many referrals you can pass through our process and there is no maximum payout that we can process.

What should I look for?

If you know that business has done any of the examples below then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Create New Things
Create a New Product, Process, Material, Device or Service incorporating an increase in knowledge or capability.
Improve Things
Appreciably improve an Existing Product, Process, Material, Device or Service. This includes improvements to reduce costs, win more business and improve quality.
Duplication of Existing Things
Duplicate an Existing Product, Process, Material, Device or Service in a new or appreciably improved way.
New Knowledge
Extend overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology.

If the company has undertaken any of the above then they could qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

Example Successful Claims

Research and Development Tax can take place in any industry or business at any scale.
Check out some of previous successful claims:

Conveyor Manufacturer

Conveyor company claimed for a portable conveyor system which allows for ease of access to basements with limited access.

Flooring Company

Flooring company claimed for a cold joining system that allowed for endless flooring complete with mobile delivery system.

Waste Processor

Waste Processor successfully claimed for work carried out on decontaminating waste drilling cuttings from deep sea drilling.

Online Gambling Software Developer

Online gambling software developer successfully claimed for software to monitor gaming over three platforms.

Food Packing Company

Food packing company claimed over last three years for the innovations they made in the design of it’s packaging.

Building Company

Building company claimed for improving their current production process for pre-fabricated building construction in their factory.

Horticultural Company

Horticultural company claimed for the design of a soil sifting and drying process, which helps in the cleaning of contaminated soils.

Brick Manufacturer

They successfully claimed for improvements to their PFA brick production plant, which increased production by 35% and reduced wastage by 95%.


Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses qualify for the SME Scheme?

SMEs can benefit from an enhanced rate of R&D tax credits compared to larger businesses. For a company to be regarded as an SME and qualify for this scheme it must meet the following criteria:

- Must be a UK Limited Company
- Must employ fewer than 500 people
- Have either an annual turnover of no more than £100 million or a balance sheet total not exceeding £86 million.

How far back can a business make a claim?

There is a 2 year time limit to how far back you can make a claim on incurred R&D expenditure. The date that the costs were paid must have occurred within 2 years starting from your current company year end date.

For Example -  If your company tax year end date is the 30th June 2018, you can claim any qualifying R&D costs incurred going back to the 30th June 2016.

What happens if the project spanned over 2 years?

If your Research and Development projects spans multiple years we will help you to make a separate claim for each year including the respective qualifying expenditure. The total tax saving will be the same result as if the project fell into one tax year.

What happens if I sold the product we developed?


Does it matter if the project failed?

Companies are able to make a claim for their R&D projects whether they were successful or not. The R&D Tax Relief does not discriminate between the two as it aims to encourage businesses to innovate. The scheme therefore helps businesses to mitigate some of the financial risk involved in research and development.

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