Engineers, Accountants & Tax Consultants

RSL is an R&D tax claim specialist with a difference. Not only do we have tax consultants and accountants as you would expect but we also have qualified engineers leading our R&D claim process. Our engineers allow us to truly understand what you do and why your innovations qualify for R&D tax relief.

This not only leads to more accurate claims and technical reports but with their experience they often identify R&D Costs and Projects that a financial person may not have considered.

Passionate about R&D

We love helping UK Companies put through R&D claims for their innovations not only because we are passionate about what we do but also because we are passionate about Engineering and Research & Development.

Our Engineers have been involved with numerous R&D projects ranging from concrete development, to machinery design and even software design. This puts us in perfect place to not only understand your project but to be able to write the technical report for you.

Who We Are

RSL is a unique collaboration of Research and Development Engineers, Accountants and Tax Advisers. We founded in 2015 with the Goal to build an R&D Tax Claim Service that truly serves SME businesses through the use of our unique skills and experience.

Our Mission

We have noticed that a lot of small businesses do not know about the R&D Tax Scheme and most think they wouldn't qualify. We are here to change that by offering Free, No Obligations Evaluations to anyone doing innovative activities. We are also partnering up with Accountants across the country to bring an easy but accurate solution to all those that meet the criteria.

Why Choose Us?


Tax Saved Last Year

Last year we helped our clients successfully claim over £3M in R&D Tax Credits.


100% Success Rate

To date every single claim we have taken on has successfully led to a full tax refund.


Free Evaluations

We offer Free, No Obligation Evaluations to determine whether your projects qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

Our Reviews

We received a great Service from RSL, they guided us through the entire process & made what could have been a complex procedure very simple & straight forward. I would highly recomend any business owner/FD to get in touch with them!

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Chris McCormick
Chris McCormick
Root3 Lighting Ltd

Good team and knowledgeable. With a combination of engineering and tax expertise the RSL team help us to save on tax by correctly assessing our R&D effort. We are looking forward to work with them in the future as we develop a trusted relationship. Highly recommended.

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Dan Cameron Cojocaru
Dan Cameron Cojocaru
Fertilizer Industrial Services Ltd

RSL are one of the most efficient companies we have had the pleasure of dealing with. They take the hard work away and make it easier to understand whats going on. i wish i had come across this company years ago

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Bob Jones
Bob Jones
Panther Mechanical & Plumbing Services
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